A deep learning model to detect the brain tumor based on magnetic resonance images

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Kelvin Leonardi Kohsasih
Muhammad Dipo Agung Rizky
Rika Rosnelly
Willy Wira Widjaja


Deep learning techniques have been widely used in everything from analyzing medical information to tools for making medical diagnoses. One of the most feared diseases in modern medicine is a brain tumor. MRI is a radiological method that can be used to identify brain tumors. However, manual segmentation and analysis of MRI images is time-consuming and can only be performed by a professional neuroradiologist. Therefore automatic recognition is required. This study propose a deep learning method based on a hybrid multi-layer perceptron model with Inception-v3 to predict brain tumors using MRI images. The research was conducted by building the Inception-v3 and multilayer perceptron model, and comparing it with the proposed model. The results showed that the hybrid multilayer perceptron model with inception-v3 achieved accuracy, recall, precision, and fi-score of 92%. While the inception-v3 and multilayer perceptron models only obtained 66% and 56% accuracy, respectively. This research shows that the proposed model successfully predicts brain tumors and improves performance


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K. Kohsasih, M. D. Agung Rizky, R. Rosnelly, and W. W. Widjaja, “A deep learning model to detect the brain tumor based on magnetic resonance images”, INFOTEL, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 203-208, Aug. 2022.