Designing a Microcontroller-based Half-duplex Interface Device Drove by the Touch-tone Signal

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Arief Goeritno
Ika Setyawibawa
Dwi Suhartono


The two Arduino boards (UNO R3 and MEGA2560 R3) have been constructed as the electronic modules of the gateway are become a haft-duplex adapter or can be referred to as the interface device for communicating (IDC). The IDC system drove by the touch-tone signal. The research objectives, i.e. assembly some of the hardware for the embodiment of the half-duplex interface adapter system, make a program structure, and perform a test of verification used in the modules of the gateway. The embodiment has been carried out by integrating all of the components by wiring to form an embedded system. Programming of the Arduino system is carried out by six stages of the algorithm, namely pins configuration, declaration of variables and constants, initialization, the main program, retrieve and send data, and output. The programming syntax structure is based on the Arduino software. The test of verification is carried out in the form of a simulation. The simulation results are obtained for six conditions, namely (i) simulation of the circuit of ring detection, (ii) simulation of the circuit of voice-operated transmit, (iii) simulation of the circuit off/on the hook of the telephone module, (iv) simulation of the circuit of tone decoder, (v) simulation of dial-up telephone numbers via touch-tone push buttons and switching IC circuits, and (vi) simulation of circuits of voice recorder and storage in the form of voice recording and playback. The success of the verification test with six conditions has been an indication that the Arduino-based IDC system is functioning as expected.


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A. Goeritno, I. Setyawibawa, and D. Suhartono, “Designing a Microcontroller-based Half-duplex Interface Device Drove by the Touch-tone Signal”, INFOTEL, vol. 13, no. 4, Dec. 2021.


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