Smart card security mechanism with dynamic key

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N Noprianto
Vivi Nur Wijayaningrum


As a technology that is currently popular, the use of smart cards continues to increase in various fields along with the rapid development of technology. Data security stored on a smart card needs to be a focus of attention to avoid misuse of data by unauthorized parties. It is not enough for the security mechanism to be carried out only during the communication process of sending data, but the mechanism for securing data on the smart card also needs to be done. In this study, a data security technique using dynamic keys is proposed by changing the key and access conditions on the smart card according to predetermined rules. This technique ensures that the keys used to access each smart card are different so that the risk of data duplication and modification threats can be minimized. In addition, this mechanism is a low-cost security privacy protection. The test results show that the data security technique using dynamic keys ensures read and write access to the smart card can only be done if the keys used match the rules.


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N. Noprianto and V. N. Wijayaningrum, “Smart card security mechanism with dynamic key”, INFOTEL, vol. 13, no. 4, Dec. 2021.