A Development of Low Cost WiFi Robot for Teaching Aid

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Nur Uddin


A development of WiFi robot for educational aids is presented. The robot can be used in introducing robotics system and internet of things (IoT). A WiFi robot is a robot equipped with a WiFi communication system for connecting to internet. Integrating the robot with an IoT platform makes the robot able to communicate with other devices. The developed WiFi robot in this study is a three-wheeled robot type. A NodeMCU ESP-12 which is a microcontroller equipped with WiFi module is applied in the robot. The robot is connected to the Blynk IoT platform and paired to a smartphone. It results in communication between the robot and the smartphone through the internet. The communication is demonstrated by remotely operating the robot using the smartphone. The resulted robot has simple mechanical structure and electronic wiring such that is easily built. Moreover, cost of the robot components is quite cheap as less than USD 20


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N. Uddin, “A Development of Low Cost WiFi Robot for Teaching Aid”, INFOTEL, vol. 12, no. 2, May 2020.