Real-Time Object Detection For Wayang Punakawan Identification Using Deep Learning

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Afandi Nur Aziz Thohari
Rifki Adhitama


Indonesia is a country that has a variety of cultures, one of which is wayang kulit. This typical javanese performance art must continue to be preserved so that to be known by future generations. There are many wayang figures in Indonesia, and the most famous is punakawan. Wayang punakawan consists of four character namely semar, gareng petruk, and bagong. To preserve wayang punakawan to be known by the next generation, then in this study created a system that is able to identify real-time punakawan object using deep learning technology. The method that used is Single Shot Multiple Detector (SSD) as one of the models of deep learning that has a good ability in classifying data with three-dimensional structures such as real-time video. SSD model with MobileNet layer can work in slight computation, so that it can be run in real-time system. To classify object there are two steps that must be done such as training process and testing process. Training process takes 28 hours with 100.000 steps of iteration.The result of training process is a model which used to identify object. Based on the test result obtained an accuracy to detect object was 98,86%. This prove that the system has been able to optimize object in real-time accurately.


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A. N. A. Thohari and R. Adhitama, “Real-Time Object Detection For Wayang Punakawan Identification Using Deep Learning”, INFOTEL, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 127-132, Dec. 2019.


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