Prototype of Long-Range Radio Communication for e-Nelayan Devices using LoRaWAN Performance Case Study within City Boundaries

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Febri Dawani
Syifaul Fuada
Sinantya Feranti Anindya
Aditia Rifai
Erick Adinugraha
Irfan Gani Purwanda
Trio Adiono


In this paper, development progress of a long-range radio communication-based fishing assistant system called e-Nelayan is reported. The purpose of the system is to increase the productivity, safety, and welfare of fishermen using mobile phone and long-range radio based system that enables them to report maritime violations, access and exchange information regarding weather, fishing area, marketplace, and also communication with mainland using Android-based mobile phone within extended range. We used LoRaWAN as a base technology for long-range communication scheme. In this work, the test conducted to obtain an insight to e-Nelayan device (LoRa-based) received RSSI and its packet loss. The received data collected in a server also includes the GPS tracking data. The test results show that our system reached approximately 5 km of distance between end-node to the LoRa Gateway within urban area (LoS configuration) and about 2 km for NLOS configuration.


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F. Dawani, “Prototype of Long-Range Radio Communication for e-Nelayan Devices using LoRaWAN”, INFOTEL, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 202-209, Nov. 2018.


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