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Jurnal INFOTEL is a scientific journal published by Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (LPPM) of Institut Teknologi Telkom Purwokerto, Indonesia. Jurnal INFOTEL covers the field of informatics, telecommunication, and electronics. First published in 2009 for a printed version and published online in 2012. The aims of Jurnal INFOTEL are to disseminate research results and to improve the productivity of scientific publications. Jurnal INFOTEL is published quarterly in February, May, August and November. Starting in 2018, Jurnal INFOTEL uses English as the primary language..


Important For Authors (Since Volume 15 Number 1 2023)

Reminder for all the authors, you are expected to submit papers that:
1. are original and have not been submitted to any other publication.
2. have at least 20 references with 80% of scientific Journals.
3. use references published on the last 5 years.
4. structured using IMRaD format.
5. use template specified by Jurnal INFOTEL.
6. use reference manager e.g. Mendeley or others when managing the references.
Thank you


Call for Paper JURNAL INFOTEL Volume 14 No. 4, November 2022


Start from volume 10 no 1, 2018, Jurnal Infotel charges a published paper as is shown by below scheme.

1. Cost paid by Author with Indonesia citizenship is Rp 1.500.000 (IDR)
2. Cost paid by non-Indonesia citizens is $100 (USD)
This cost covers:

The standard ten (10) pages manuscript. An Extra Rp 50.000 (IDR) will be charged for every additional page.
Similarity Checking by Plagiarism Detector. The final result will be sent to the authors.
DOI registration for each paper.
This cost also includes submitting, peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining and archiving, and allows immediate access to the full-text versions of the articles.

3. For those who sends an article paper with one of the authors from abroad (by non-Indonesian citizenship) then the publication fee is free.


Vol 14 No 3 (2022): August 2022

All articles in this issue (11 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 
44 authors from 2 countries (Indonesia and Taiwan).

Published: 2022-08-01

Time complexity in rejang language stemming

Sastya Hendri Wibowo, Rozali Toyib, Muntahanah Muntahanah, Yulia Darnita


Development of mobile billing application system for PAMDES water meter data logging

Umar Ali Ahmad, Ikbal Ramdani, Fath Muhammad Isham, Reza Rendian Septiawan, R Rogers Dwiputra Setiady, Angga Rusdinar, Ashri Dinimaharawati, Yusup Diva Pratama, Fauzi Sofyan, Rifdo Shah Alam


Utilization of the COBIT 2019 framework to identify the level of governance in internet services

Sandhy Fernandez, Muhammad Imanullah, M. Yoka Fathoni, Pahrizal Pahrizal


Classification of diabetic foot ulcer using convolutional neural network (CNN) in diabetic patients

Mawaddah Harahap, Sai Kumarani Anjelli, Widy Anggun M. Sinaga, Ryan Alward, Junio Fegri Wira Manawan, Amir Mahmud Husein


A deep learning model to detect the brain tumor based on magnetic resonance images

Kelvin Leonardi Kohsasih, Muhammad Dipo Agung Rizky, Rika Rosnelly, Willy Wira Widjaja


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Nur Ghaniaviyanto Ramadhan

Back Matter

Nur Ghaniaviyanto Ramadhan
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